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Music Video Director - Daniel Kooman 


Daniel Kooman 

Director, Producer, Editor

Driven to tell stories that challenge and inspire, Daniel is a co-founder of Unveil Studio. He has traveled to more than 25 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, North and South America to document stories and works as a cinematographer, editor and director for Unveil Studios. Daniel and Des released their first video production together in 2009 for Des' original song Beautiful. On May 15th, the release of Dear Angel will be celebrating their 10 year milestone.  

The Artist - Desmond Day



Desmond Day  

Desmond Gerald Larson, known professionally as Desmond Day, is a Canadian singer/ songwriter with humble origins on Vancouver Island, B.C. Des’ musical journey began while attending high school in the Comox Valley where he gravitated toward fellow classmates who shared a deep passion for music. After graduating Des moved to Vancouver to hone his skills as a live entertainer. Throughout his early career, Des continued to find support from his local community. Desmond Day and his latest album "Space Between The Stars” includes a list of memorable songs recorded alongside Vancouver-based producer/ songwriter Jeff Dawson. Dawson is best known for developing and producing the debut, self-titled album of Daniel Powter which included the Grammy nominated (best vocal performance) hit single "Bad Day".

Music producer Jeff Dawson. 

Art Director - Ross Bodenmann 


Ross Bodenmann

From feature film production, television and publishing to custom construction projects, leather-work, fine art and installation sculpture, working across a variety of mediums has positioned Ross to be a well-rounded art director and photographer.

Dancer - Cami Rose 

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 7.10.02 PM.png

Cami Rose (left) and Christy Kooman (Right) teamed up together to create an extraordinary performance and dance routine for Dear Angel. The dance routine was choreographed by Christy Kooman with help from her husband Daniels creative vision. Cami's spirit was strong, driven and relentless despite wet/ damp conditions. The warmth of these two individuals combined could light the heavens on fire!  


Hair & Aesthetics - Merlin King

Merlin King

With a desire to serve people while expressing his creativity, Merlin went into the Hair & Beauty industry in Victoria BC.  Due to a recent move to the Comox Valley with his wife and son, along with the right connections, Merlin joined the Unveil Studios team to help bring beauty to visual creativity. 

Honorable mentions.

Peter and Tina 

thumbnail_DSCN0050_2 copy.jpg


Paul Hansen 


Big shout out to APAS hanger for having us. West Coast Home Theatres and Relay Event Rentals for showing us your kindness and support. Dennis Zbirun, David Leblanc (lighting tech), Paula Coulombe and a long list of wonderful faces who contributed their time and talents to the cause. We wish you all joy, peace and love. 

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